David Hockney's etching of Rumpelstilzchen

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

First published in 1970, David Hockney’s enchanting etchings for Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm were reissued in 2012 by the Royal Academy of Arts. Hockney, who set out to reimagine the traditional stories for a modern audience, drew on earlier illustrated versions of the tales to produce a collection of unsettlingly beautiful images.

The Six Fairy Tales bring together well-known tales like Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin (in German: Rumpelstilzchen, pictured here tearing himself in half) with less familiar ones like The Little Sea Hare, Fundevogel, Old Rinkrank and The Boy Who Left Home to Learn Fear.


Rumpelstilzchen, etching by David Hockney

from Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm (1970) via Wide Walls.

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