John Lennon, Jock and Yono drawing (1968)

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

It was during the decline and breakup of The Beatles that John Lennon returned to an earlier passion - drawing.

In a former life, Lennon studied at Liverpool College of Art, which was also where he met Stuart Sutcliffe, the original bassist for The Beatles. Following the band's breakup, Lennon set about compiling a series of sketches and lithographs commemorating his wedding in Gibraltar and honeymoon Bed-In for Peace in Amsterdam. Throughout his solo career, Lennon kept drawing, producing sketches like this image of “Jock and Yono", intended as a visual metaphor for Lennon and Ono’s shared life. There is something touching about the image, with its sense of symmetry and simple if energetic pen lines, as well as something more mischievous, seen in the couple’s half-smiles and secretively closed eyes.


Jock and Yono serigraph by John Lennon (1970 - 1980) via artplode

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