Portrait of author Neil Gaiman by Chris Riddell (2013)

In Neil Gaiman’s short story, Fortunately, the Milk (a story which, aside from its imagination and creativity, I personally adore because the title starts with an adverb!), Dad’s left in charge and must go out to get milk. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than this - all of which is brought to life by Chris Ridell’s characteristically detailed, dazzlingly rendered pen and ink illustrations. But most striking, for me at least, is the resemblance of the dad character to Gaiman himself, which provides the story with an added sense of intrigue; a delightful blurring of where the real world of the author stops, and the imaginary landscape of pirates, aliens and the immensely likeable dinosaur inventor, Dr. Steg, begins.

Picture of the dad from Fortunately, the Milk - or is it Neil Gaiman?! - by Chris Riddell (2013)

via Down The Tubes

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