Second edition of the South Polar Times (1902)

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The South Polar Times magazine was created by the crew of the two Antarctic voyages led by Captain Scott: the Discovery Expedition (1901-04) and the Terra Nova Expedition (1910-13). Conceived in part to entertain the crews, who were also invited to contribute, it documented the professional and personal challenges of Antarctic exploration and included cartoons, puzzles, watercolour paintings, photographs, essays, scientific observations and weather reports. Edited by Shackleton for a brief stint in 1902, the final edition, which was produced in 1912 as part of the Terra Nova expedition, alludes to the death of Scott and several other members of the expedition party, declaring that in Antarctica “beauty is linked to tragedy.”


Second edition of The South Polar Times (ed. Ernest Shackleton, 1902)

via California Academy of Sciences

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